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Our Public Memory

This is the new site. The photograph above of a piece of Roman relief sculpture is from a picture I took inside a Museum that was near Bergama. One of truly democratic qualities of the Internet is that a single person can dedicate resources devoted to their interests and share them in a way that incrementally increases the collective consciousness towards a topic but much more importantly our collective memory. One could easily call the Internet “public memory.”

This site is dedicated items I find interesting. Currently, I am categorizing much of the art that is on my hard drive. I will follow with video I’ve taken and then I may follow that with audio poetry. I expect this to be project of fits and starts.

There is no commercial intent on this website but I hope you will consider visiting some of the artists I have listed in “Places I like” or if you really like something then order a poster. That will probably help whichever museum hangs a particular work.